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Recently a friend asked me what my favorite apps for my iPad are. This got me thinking about doing a series of posts focussed around how I use my iPad. Hopefully it will be of help. So on to today’s post - what apps do I have on my iPad and what are my favorites? Rather than simply serving up yet another hapless list of apps, I’m going to list my favorites and give a brief explanation of how they’re useful to me as a Preacher an Pastor.

1. Omnifocus. Omnifocus is without a doubt the app that I use most on my iPadFor more information. At its most basic level, Omnifocus is a task list manager, though has very advanced features that allow you to successfully manage multiple projects. It is built around David Allen’s GTD framework and also SYNCs with the Desktop aplication for Mac.

I use this app when Im sitting in staff meeting taking action items, I use it daily to manage what I  next have to do, and I use it anytime I am brainstorming about what sub-tasks are part of a larger project. Having this app on my iPad ensures I always have my current projects and task lists on hand, and that they are always in SYNC with my other data. At $39 its not cheap but you wont find a better app for ‘getting things done’. For more information see this helpful review.

2. GoodReader. First and foremost, Good Reader reads files. If you’re looking for some sort of multi-editor for multiple file types, then Good Reader isn’t the app for you. The greatest selling point of this app, in fact, is that you can connect to many kinds of online servers or your local computer to import files (images, documents) and read them / organize them into the app’s interface. Ultimately, Good Reader is an application that can pull most every kind of file from the Internet and store it into its database. You can read, but you can’t create.

I use GoodReader to connect to my DropBox account, download my sermons in PDF format, and then preach from my iPad. It is quick, easy and reliable, and moving from one page to another of my sermon, requires a simple finger swipe to the left or right. For more information on GoodReader have a peek at MacStories’ review.

3. CalenGoo. CalenGoo is a (unofficial) Google Calendar app for the iPhone. The standout feature of this app is that it SYNCs with Google and stores a local copy of your Calendar, meaning you dont always need to have an active 3G or WIFI connection to view your Google Calendar. There is a great review of the app here and for more information see CalenGoo in iTunes

4. Early Edition is a RSS News Reader for the iPad that aggregates your feeds and presents them in beutifully designed newspaper style layout. I use this app every morning over my coffee at breakfast to read the blogs I subscribe to. Becuase it SYNCs with my Google Reader account, all of the feeds already in Google Reader automagically get SYNCd with Early Edition. It also has the ability to save articles for later reading with InstaPaper, as well as being able to share an article via email or social media. A great app that I use every day! For more information see this review or cartch the Early Edition on iTunes.

There are many other apps on my iPad but the ones outlined above are my favorites and are well loved and used. Anyway, I hope that gives a little insight into some of my favorite iPad applications and how I use them in my workflow. For what it’s worth, the following is a list of all the applications only iPad at the moment: CalenGoo, GoodReader, TripView, Pastebot, 1Password, Pkt Weather, Quota, Clock Free, DropBox, Twitter, Early Edition, VLC, Mashable, ABC, IceTV, Analytics HD, Instapaper, TweetDeck, Skype, Flickr, Evernote, Jumbo, Google Earth, Bible, Rain, mTaxi, Omnifocus, Tiny Wings, Words HD, FlightControl, Angry Birds, Carcassonne, Harbor Master.

So what about you? What iPad apps are your favorites and why? And better still, how do they help you in your day to day work?

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