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Sitting on a plane for 13 hours isn’t my idea of fun. On the upside its a great opportunity to finish two or three of the books I am currently reading. I started “The Book Thief” a few months back, but as is often the case, it founds itself towards the bottom of the pile of books currently being read. I enjoyed what I read so far, so here’s hoping…

So my plan to stave off boredom and “death by airplane food” is as follows…

Step 1. Enjoy a nice meal and a glass of red while working my way through the first half of Band of Brothers. I have been really looking forward to watching this series and I figure a plane trip is a great place to do it.

Step 2. Mind suitably relaxed and eyes glazed over, now its time to turn to The Book Thief. A few hours should see me past half way, just in time to land in Singapore and stretch the legs.

Step 3. Between Singapore and Bangalore India, gives me a bit of time to review the teaching notes and lectures on Ephesians & Promise to Fulfillment that we will be giving over the next 2 weeks. Any other time, well I guess I might get some shut-eye.

Step 4. Rinse lather and repeat.

What about you? Got any other suggestions for books or things to watch? I’m going to need something to read on the way home so would love some recommendations.

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  1. Rohan says:

    Glad to see you have got the chance to read the book thief. I read half of it, got excited, and then had to give it back to where I burrowed it from. hopefully I can finish it one day.

    I recommend reading some “relevant” magazine articles. They showcase what most of the “Christian” youths are thinking about, and some of it is slightly off track. It is good to see some issues from a different perspective.