You Know It’s Summer When…

cricket.jpgThe other day whilst driving to a friends house, I had just finished listening to the new Best of Van Morrison CD and so turned to the radio to see what was on. All I could find on virtually every station was the dulcet tones of Richie Benaud commentating the Cricket.Now before you begin to question my patriotism or loyalty to our fair land, let me say that I have nothing against cricket…but really…on every station? Got me thinking that you can always tell it’s summer in Australia when the cricket is on 24/7. Your “seasonal” red flag may be triggered by something else? So tell me, you can tell it’s summer when… 


  1. Scott says:

    You’re all blogged up! Nice.

    Yes really. Every channel. There is nothing else worth listening to.

    Seasonal red flags for me…
    - cutting the grass every second day
    - coming home from work and cooking the BBQ while it is still daylight
    - twilight golf at Windsor Golf Club
    - sand in ya undies

  2. Matt Lemsing says:

    Hey Scotto - yep agree with you re cooking on the BBQ while its still daylight - cant really beat that can you?