Sensational southern India

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India is a feast for the senses.
I constantly feel like my senses are in overload, straining to process the sights,sounds,smells and sensations happening around me.

Waking before daybreak to the sound of children singing in the Orphanage nearby

Opening my bedroom door to the fragrance of garlic, spices and curry wafting up the stairwell
Hearing my brothers and sisters in Christ praying “powerful prayers” that sound like a race call at Randwick
The calls of birds at dawn and dusk
A cool breeze and the welcome shade of a nearby grove of palm trees

The sweet taste of real Indian chai tea served in small plastic cups
The feint sound of cow bells in nearby paddocks

I will post more of these in the days to come, but for the moment I am like a sponge soaking up every moment. The most sensational thing, and I suspect what makes every other experience so amazing, is the joy of being with brothers and sisters in Jesus. Praise God for his family the Church.

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