Quotable Quotes and Indian Humor

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The longer I am in India, the more I am convinced that Indians have a similar sense of humor to Aussies. Some of quotes below will hopefully show you what I mean.

After my first lecture on Ephesians, numerous students got up and said “…Ricky Ponting? Ricky Ponting?”

When we asked Asap (one of the leaders here at IGL) why almost all Indian men have moustache’s he said “it shows courage and boldness. The bigger the moustache, the more bold you are. If have giant moustache, then you will be feared.” Mark Penn and I asked what if you dont have a moustache like us. Asap, with a glint in his eyes said “then you are like a little girl…”

Each day I have been giving the students a few tips and helps on sitting exams. After one of the daily tests, one of the students came up to me and said “same questions tomorrow?” No there will be different questions I answered. He replied with a wry smile of his face, “same answers then…?”

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  1. Pete says:

    I look forward to seeing a moustachioed Matt on your return!

  2. Larissa says:

    It’s not just the Indians with some quotable quotes!

    After the welcoming ceremony at the orphanage - One of the ladies on the team received the largest most elaborate necklace and turns to us and says “I feel like Zena, Warrior Princess!” (we had to agree!)

    After almost a week slathering ourselves with insect repelant a certain male announced “I think I am becoming immune to these things” at which point we asked “what things?” his response ” You know mosquitos, I haven’t put on repellant all day”. At which the ladies on the team responded with all due respect :”Ahh, I don’t think that’s how it works!” and urged him to apply!

    One morning while Matt was giving some instructions prior to an exam he held up his fingers and said “here are my top three tips” - and then turned to us with a big grin and said “I feel like I’m on Masterchef”.

    Driving through a village one day one of the females on the team asked Pastor Benny “What are these little shops called?”. Pastor Benny turns to her slightly bemused and says “Um, Shops?”.

    During the tour of the IGL site we are shown the brick works that IGL have to provide bricks for all sorts of projects including building new Churches- the comment: “wow, that really brings new meaning to planting a church!”

    Touring the IGL site we come across 2 large snakes in cages - one cage has four live chicks running around. One of the female members asks “They aren’t in there for the snakes dinner are they” ? The response “Yes, of course” The female team members response “Ohhh”!

    Names have been withheld in most instances in the interest of Larissa not being killed when the team gets back 🙂 !