Glen Hansard and The Frames in Concert

Few musician song writers affect me as deeply as Glen Hansard in his raw ability to craft a lyric and tell a story.

Recently I had the pleasure of seeing Glen Hansard & The Frames in concert at the Sydney Opera House. It was an amazing night, one that I was talking about for days afterwards. Hopefully the photos below give you a sense of the night.

Glen opened his show with a few songs off his latest album Rhythm & Repose, followed by a few duets with Lisa Hannigan which were simply brilliant. Finally the full compliment of The Frames joined him on stage for more than two hours.

Like Bruce Springsteen and Leonard Cohen before him, Hansard has what can only be described as a God given gift at crafting songs that tell a story, longing to connect with those who will listen. Whether it be quieter reflective songs such as Bird of Sorrow or punchier numbers like Fake, Hansard is a poetic storyteller and a joy to experience in concert.

Another surprise of the night was the support act, the wonderful Lisa Hannigan. I hadn’t discovered Hannigan before and have since found myself exploring her albums on Spotify and discovering new found indie folk delights. There’s a great simpatico between Hansard and Hannigan, particularly in their storytelling and irish roots.

The highlight of the evening, was without a doubt, the after-concert concert that Glen and his band gave unsuspecting fans. Everyone was leaving the concert hall, spilling out into the foyer when Hansard, The Frames and Lisa Hannigan started busking the Leonard Cohen classic Passing Through. Pied Pier style, Hansard lead the audience through the Foyer, down the steps out into the forecourt, the audience in loud voice processing after him. This not only ended the night brilliantly but also gave a working insight into Hansard’s busking roots and amazing versatility.

Enough words.

The video below is sure to bring a smile to your face. And for those who had the pleasure of being there, enjoy the memories.

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