Shall We Know One Another in Heaven?

There is a depth and richness in the writings and preaching of old that is rarely seen today.
One of my favorite authors and preachers of old, is J.C. Ryle, Bishop of Liverpool from 1880 to 1900.

Perhaps it’s the clarity and brevity with which Ryle takes the Scriptures and uncovers their treasures.
Rather than cloud or dull understanding, his writings polish and display these treasures for all to wonder at their beauty.

Maybe it’s the forthright manner in which Ryle handles The Word of God.
Like a skilled Doctor, he takes the Scriptures and administers the correct cure for all kinds of ailments.

It’s for these reasons and many more, that I love reading J.C Ryle’s books and discovering his sermons.

One such treasure I recently read is a small book entitled “Shall We know One Another in Heaven?”

In this small book, Ryle gives 4 addresses “as a contribution toward meeting the need for more literature on the subject of heaven and recognition of our loved ones there.”

He begins by saying “I pity that man who never thinks about heaven. I use that word in the broadest and most popular sense. I mean by “heaven” the future dwelling-place of all true Christians, when the dead are raised, and the world has passed away. Cold and unfeeling must that heart be which never gives a thought to that dwelling-place! Dull and earthly must that mind be which never considers “heaven!”

This is a great little book and a real source of encouragement.

You can purchase the book here, or you can view portions of it online.
Either way I urge you to read it, savour it and draw encouragement from it

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