The Meet of The Mission

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Well what can one say? We have collectively been ‘inundated by India’ at IGL. Our ‘normal day’ was anything but, except it appears in India.

It started with the shower - no water initially but great potential from a modern multi-eyed monster. The man (affectionately known as our Indian Manuelle) who had killed the mouse and then wanted us to collectively ‘dial 9’, was ready to turn on our water. Subsequently, after a flurry we found that the complex shower piece was acting as an unrelenting human barrier, firing water into the opposing wall, and etching out the wall plaster.

Leaking air conditioners and saturating luggage, and lack of linen changes are notable. Later that evening we appreciated that Manuelle understood that ordering room service required a phone and that as our room ‘2 nought 1’ had no phone, ordering from the phone across the corridor in ‘2 nought 7’ was acceptable.

After some excellent cassata and sweet lasse all frustrations were a distant memory. Following a hair-raising ride in a dodgem car event to the meeting site, our teaching commenced at Indian time mid-morning with a bang from the energy of all the attendees.

Some time later in the partially completed building site where we are meeting, a powerboard went bang and a fire lit up the room followed by an unusually intense non-organic odor. We thought this may have been the source of the 20 to 30 minute interval light and power failures. But alas, these continued throughout the day, sometimes with prolonged down times. Indeed, late in the day our Paster found that he was unable to read his notes whilst leading but thankfully had committed key sections to memory. In the interim, the use of sunlight from our basement presentation room improved our Vitamin D internal levels and consolidated Caucasian tans with the outside 36 degree celsius temperature and high humidity.

The Christian faith of the Indian pastors is obvious to all present. They clearly love the Lord Jesus as our Savior. There is much that binds all present across cultures. Certainly, if we adopt any behaviors from our new found friends back home it will be regular heartfelt hand shakes, above head arm waving and genuine and fervent prayer, all in the name of Christ.

The testimonies are typically amazing. Pastors coming to Jesus routinely either from highly deprived backgrounds or from wealthy businesses. Running often five or more churches each. Hindu has given way to belief in the ‘one true God’ and Lord Jesus Christ. The translators are senior and superb, including our special ‘Bollywood pastor’.

The written examinations have been undertaken in a serious fashion but we have had to ensure that they do not become group events. We appear to be helping however in our teaching of these teachers; it is becoming clearer that while the pastors are great at quoting series of verses, sometimes out of context, biblical theology including an overview of the bible, and a systematic approach to the original setting then addressing the biblical context and its application will indeed help to fix up the ground floor or ‘root’ and consolidate the ‘fruit’.

We have collectively received some ‘orders’ - a wife, a computer, more flavoured sweets. We pray that God will deliver in His own way and in His own time. Our personal e-mail addresses are provided on request at our discretion, with the general email address receiving much currency.

Well, day 2 of teaching commences soon.
Sleep, prepare for life, hopefully without much strife.

Jaymiersiekhee’ (praise the Lord),
Steve T, India Teaching Team 2013.

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