GAFCON 2013 – Day 1

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After a grueling 20+ hours of travel, it’s wonderful to arrive at GAFCON, the Global Anglican Future Conference. If you are unfamiliar with GAFCON¬†and the situation across the Anglican communion that gave birth to it, then head to

Over the week of the conference, I want to share my experiences, what I’m learning and some of the many opportunities I hope to have to encourage and affirm my brothers and sisters to stand firm in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

After arriving at St Andrew’s Cathedral Nairobi, I headed to the auditorium and found a seat next to 3 Ugandan brothers. After much singing and dancing and a stirring address about the East African Revival, we were dismissed to our hotels. Before leaving I introduced myself to Kenneth, the senior Chaplain of the Uganda Christian University in Kampala. What a joy to encourage a brother serving In another part of the world.

I asked Kenneth how large the university is? Roughly 15,000 students he replied in a soft voice that gave no hint at the a size of the task. Kenneth has a number of assistants who help in the work of evangelising and pastorally caring for the university students. The students are required to attend chapel once a week, each morning chapel service hosting a little over 2000 students. Kenneth and I prayed together and after exchanging details, headed to the buses stirred, encouraged an hopeful for a great week ahead.

This week I expect to meet many more brothers and sisters who have paid, and continue to pay a high price for standing firm in the Gospel, refusing to compromise by ignoring the Word of God.

Pray that God would use me to encourage the saints attending GAFCON. Pray that God would strengthen his Church, emboldening them to stand firm in the truth of His Word without compromise.

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