Reminded of the Sovereignty of God

This morning I was reminded of the fact that God controls all things, and effortlessly arranges our daily happenings, to suit his own purposes. I was at Dulwhich Hill train station handing out leaflets (advertising the various events throughout the week).

Peoples responses were mixed, as expected — some happy to take a flier, some repelled me with the “no thanks nod and lift of the hand”, and many simply refused to make eye contact and pretend that I was nothing more than a figment of their imagination.

After 90 minutes of handing out leaflets, the pedestrian traffic was thinning and we were not far off packing up and heading back to the Church when an old work mate from about 6 years earlier started walking towards me. It was really great to catchup with Robin, chat about old time and all that has happened since. We exchanged details and arranged to catchup over a drink next week. How great is that?

Funny thing, I wasn’t even meant to be leafletting that morning. I was filling in for one of the team who was sick. But God in his sovereignty was ensuring that I caught up with Robin and reconnecting with him after 6 years. How awesome is it that God is in control of all things — the big and the small. How gracious is God in his constant reminder of this truth.

I am thankful that God arranged for Robin and I to cross paths today, and I pray that as I meet up with Robin over the coming days and weeks, that I may have opportunity to share the hope I have in Jesus.

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  1. Gday Matt,

    It’s Ben from morning chuch at Annandale. I just stumbled across your blog, so I thought I would say hi. Keep up the good work, mate!