Against the Grain

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One of my friends at Church, and a fellow film-o-phile Paul Slater, recently gave me a spare roll of Ilford Delta 3200 black and white film. I was initially excited because I haven’t shot black and white film since I was in High school.

I popped the film into my Ricoh KR-5 Super II and set the ISO but, hang on..the ISO setting on my camera only goes up to 1600! After a bit of research I learn that I can still shoot the film at 1600 ISO even though it’s a 3200 ISO film - I simply need to ask the Photo lab to “pull” the film back to 1600 ISO.

The images below are the best of what can only be called a bad bunch. Paul did say “this film is very grainy” and I guess combined with shooting it at 1600 ISO resulted in rather grainy pictures.

So tell me, have you used Ilford Delta 3200 film before, and what types of images lend themselves to this kind of film? I would love your thoughts.


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