An Aussie Mothers Day

We had a great Mothers Day yesterday, and upon reflection probably quite an “Aussie” one at that! We packed a picnic and headed down to Putney Park. Nothing like a couple of BBQ chickens, some salad, fresh bread rolls, and a steaming hot thermos of Coffee - great stuff!

So there we were yesterday at the park, and as I looked around I was amazed at how many people were doing the same thing. Many had brought their own portable BBQs and were cooking up a storm; some had picnic tables, some were on rugs on the ground. Quite a few were playing “backyard Cricket” or kicking a footy around — just generally enjoying themeslves and one anothers company.

It got me thinking, this kind of thing is probably the archetypal Aussie Mothers Day, or is it? I also got wondering what people from other cultures or countries do to celebrate Mothers Day?

So come on, tell me what you did for Mothers Day and what you would consider to be a typical Aussie Mothers day? And for our international readers, what do you do to celebrate Mothers Day? What is a typical Mothers Day for you?

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