Jollymonk Gets a Facelift

Well it’s been a long time coming but finally Jollymonk has been given a facelift. There’s still some tinkering to be done but we are almost there. Now that the pretty stuff has been done, I can concentrate on writing more, so hopefully this will mean more posts, more regularly.

While you are taking in the new surrounds, do you have any suggestions, feedback or comments on the new design or the site in general? Love to know your thoughts.


  1. Ben says:

    Looks, great, mate. Love the design.

  2. Angela Cook says:

    THe little monk is cute but what would be even better would be a post or two… doesnt have to be particularly profound… just let us know what the monk is up to 🙂

  3. Matt Lemsing says:

    Hey Ang - fair cop, will try and post in the next day or so. I have about 13 posts that are in draft form but haven’t got around to finishing them.


  4. Peter Chapman says:

    Great look Matt - top work. But what about a pic or two of the monk himself?